As part of the third semester of my AP degree in Computer Science education, we were tasked to find a real organization with a problem that a web application could help solve.

The group that I was part of in this project approached a home care company. They had some problems, when it came to keeping track of the phones and tablets that the employees were lending.

Before this project, it was something that the employees had to write down on paper. One of the problems with this process was that it made it hard for an employee to find the phone number for another employee when he/she was out on a home care visits.

The system we build consisted of 3 parts:
- A part for lending and returning devices
- A "phone book" part
- And an administration part with user management and device history tracking

Furthermore the web application was made in a very responsive so that it was as easy to use on e.g. a smartphone during a home care visit and a PC during device management just to mention a few use cases.

Made in: 2016